Ben and David are headed to 20,310' Denali this May to ski the tallest mountain in North America. This is our third expedition together, and we are still working to raise awareness for community outreach groups and positive climate action. 


Who We are

"Ski bums are ski bums. And they always will be."





After our group of 4 summited Mt. Elbrus back in June 2016 we began to discuss our next trip. Initially plans for Kilimanjaro were hatched and re-hatched while we hoped for some colder weather and a chance to ski a glacier in Africa. We had hoped to bring a new team member along with us to Africa, but when his schedule didn't work out we shifted gears and started planning for Denali. 

This trip will be a Ben and Special Dave only expedition due to Sierra and Mark having jobs and buying houses and stuff. We will set off on May 5 and hopefully be back in Denver with another successful summit just before June. 

Thank you for all your support along the way with us. And a special thank you to all those who donated in our 2016 Independent Fundraising Challenge. We raised over $2,500 in support of Climate Ride, and Protect Our Winters. 



Our Elbrus Summit team - Sierra, Mark, David, Ben. 

Our Elbrus Summit team - Sierra, Mark, David, Ben. 

The Cause

"The mountains reserve their choice gifts for those who stand upon their summits." 

Sir Francis Younghusband

The effects of Climate Change are much more visible everyday. From heat waves in India, flooding in Pakistan, Hurricane Sandy, and the drought in California, there are too many examples of the negative ways we are affecting our planet. Living in the mountains brings us the opportunity to ski and ride everyday, and as instructors we get to share our passion with others. Unfortunately due to climate change skiing as we know it is at risk.  

David started working with Climate Ride, a non-profit organization that promotes climate change advocacy through life changing adventures, in 2013. On his first trip he helped over 150 cyclists ride 500+ miles from Brooklyn NY, to Washington DC, and through challenges like this Climate Ride has raised over $1 million to support their beneficiaries who also promote action on Climate Change. Protect Our Winters was founded in 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones. POW's mission is to promote action within the snow sports community to fight climate change, and educate the public about sustainability and community based initiatives.

Ben has taken several expeditions into the high mountains throughout North America and decided to take his adventures one step further by summiting and skiing down the tallest mountains in the world. While this adventure began as just that, an adventure for two friends who love skiing, Ben and David decided to turn this trip into an opportunity for positive change. Through their joint passions for snow, and pushing themselves to new limits, David and Ben decided to ski Aconcagua and raise awareness and money to support two organizations that are making a difference. 

All donations received in support of this expedition will help fund Climate Ride and Protect Our Winters. Check out our DONATE page to give a tax deductible donation today.